Fukuoka. This is my first visit in Hakata. I rode a boat with a friend whom I haven’t seen for a long time and had delicious fish and horse meat. I was very satisfied as a human being, but as a photographer the rainy sky was a bitter three days. Is it the youth of the land that still does not feel weary of the steaming air? I want to come again. PENTAX 67 II 100 mm macro f4. ROLLEI ORTHO 25 PLUS/3 pcs.

福岡へ。博多は初めて。久しぶりに会う友人と船に乗ったり美味しい魚や馬肉をいただいたり。人間としてはいたく満足したが写真家としては梅雨空が恨めしい三日間。それでも蒸せかえる空気を厭わしく感じないのは土地の若さなのか。また来たい。 PENTAX67Ⅱ 100mm macro f4. ROLLEI ORTHO 25 PLUS/3本.