Go out after doing odd jobs. Exhibition of MOTOHIRO TOMII at HIGURE 17 -15 cas in YANAKA. It is a good exhibition where you can feel the strong will that keeps getting lost between the starting point and the ending point. Unfortunately it was a closed day, but it was good that Mr. Tomii opened the door to take a picture of the venue. I heard that it is a company that has supported the exhibition of artists for a long time. It is reassuring to find such a hand in the neighborhood. It is also beautiful as an exhibition space, and I want to use it as a reference for the asterisk gallery that will come in a few years. PENTAX 67 II 100 mm macro f4. ROLLEI ORTHO 25 PLUS/3 pcs.

雑事をこなしてから外出。途中谷中のHIGURE17-15casで冨井大裕展。起点と終点の間で迷い続ける強い意志が感じられるいい展示。あいにく休廊日だったがたまたまの会場撮影で冨井さんもみえて扉をあけてくださりよかった。聞けばそこは芸術家の展示を長く支えてきた業者さんとのこと。近所にそのような手を見つけて心強い。展示スペースとしても美しく、数年後には来るべきasterisk galleryの参考にしたい。PENTAX67Ⅱ 100mm macro f4. ROLLEI ORTHO 25 PLUS/3本.