I went to Asakadai with designer Shoji. Takayanagi and I talked about the image of printing at Tokyo Inshokan, which is said to have just moved this month’s first office. I’m excited about my third photo book.On my way home, an exhibition of Takako KUTSUZAWA was held at Sakuragi Gallery “yard of triangle”. Although several spaces are drawn at the same time, each space has its own physical characteristics, and they maintain an exquisite sense of distance from each other and are pleasant. I thought it would be interesting if some of the spaces became more violent. I look forward to next exhibition.

デザイナーの庄司さんと朝霞台へ。丁度この月初事務所を移したという東京印書館で、高柳さんに印刷のイメージを伝える。3冊目の写真集に向けて火がついたような心地だ。帰路櫻木画廊で沓澤貴子展「yard of triangle」。いくつかの空間が同時に描かれているが、それぞれの空間が固有の身体性を有しており、それらが互いに絶妙な距離感を保っており心地よい。いくつかの空間がもっと暴れても面白いのかなと思った。次回も楽しみだ。