I decided to become a photographer at the age of 20 in the summer, so I dropped out of college and went to Tokyo. I moved to Hiyoshi where , but I could not enter the school until the next spring (I was surprised at the interview, “Did you move here before the entrance exam?”). When I was in college, I used to take a lot of pictures and stay in a dark room, but when I entered a photography school, that didn’t change. I just wandered around the city trying to take a lot of pictures.

I may have been in my second year at a photography school,  I went on a trip to Kobe. I took an overnight bus and arrived at Kobe Station early the next morning and took a stroll around the city. It was a hilly city near the sea, and I felt good just moving around. It was the first time that I had ever experienced such a gruesome feeling as the sound of a shutter and my gaze drifting away from me, and  I was able to honestly accept that my work varies greatly depending on the local atmosphere. Until then, I didn’t really like to travel, and I was rather convinced that the universality of vision would emerge when I took pictures of my daily life, but when I opened the shutter in a different location with an open mind, I was surprised by the sudden appearance of an unconcerned world. There is no need to act. I was convinced that my own eyes could reach the bottom of the world. It was 20 years ago. Because of that, I became attached to Kobe and visited there from time to time to enjoy shooting.

However, during my stay in Kobe this time, I was not able to take a picture unexpectedly. I can think of it as the reason that the condition of the light was not good and that I was a little lazy after editing the photo book, but the uncomfortable feeling when I was walking on the street seems to be the main reason. It’s too beautiful. Bleached beauty. And there are too many advertisements. The smell of capital was getting stronger and I got a little nervous. I can’t help but remember the freshness of the vast plaza in former East Berlin that I visited last month and the streets with few advertisements, probably because of the remnants of the Communism. We can take pictures anywhere, but I want to walk a comfortable path if I can,. FUJICA GM 670 100 mm f 3.5 ROLLEI SUPERPAN 200 2 pcs.



しかし今回の神戸滞在では思いの外撮るべきものに巡り会えず訝しんでしまった。光の状態が芳しくなかったこと、写真集の編集を終えて些か放心状態であったことなどが理由として思い当たるが、街を歩いている時の違和感が一番の理由だと思われる。あまりに綺麗すぎるのだ。漂白された美しさとでも言おうか。それに広告が多すぎる。資本の匂いがきつくなっていて、少々げんなりした。先月訪れた旧東ベルリンのだだっ広い広場や、共産党圏の名残のせいなのか広告がとても少ない街並の清々しさをつい思い出す。どんな場所でも写真は撮れようが、できれば居心地のいい道を歩いていたいものだ。 FUJICA GM670 100mm f3.5 ROLLEI SUPERPAN200 2本.