Harmonic Rainbow

Each photograph has various powers which flow into different places.
The beauty of light,The sense of touch,The presence of people.
There exist colorful powers in every photo and each has a distinctive vector of it’s own.
We are floating in between the different vectors of power.
And that makes us profoundly appreciate the following:

A rigid system is fragile.
A world easily goes over “themes” of the art
and it’s the same for a photo.
Is it possible to draw clear conclusions from a photo?

We might say yes. But if we get to them, then ‘the unknown’ of the photo will disappear.
The most important thing is to let ‘the unknown’ remain in a photograph.
We should make an effort to go along with photos and keep a dialogue with them for that.
A landscape photo is always open to us having ‘the unknown’ as a beginning.