“asterisk” text #1

 Light is always certain, revealing itself when it touches and mingles with objects. A lens captures its form and reproduces it. For sincerely expressing the beauty and wonder of the world before our eyes, there is no better medium than photography. This is why I decided to take photographs.

 In creating a piece of work, the stance I chose to take was to become translucent. To avoid contaminating my art with my own intent, I tried not to introduce any superfluous ideas. I believe this attitude was essential for giving originality to the pieces I created. At the same time, it gave me a feeling of deep pleasure which is indispensable for creating a work of art.

 As a part of the production process of shooting, developing and printing, I put my emotions and body to work at a brisk pace in order to bring my art into existence. At times I felt as though I had become like an engine giving out invisible heat, a truly special feeling.

 In recent years, however, what I have been experiencing is also the pleasure of singing a song of life with my photographs. Searing with passion at some times and diffused into the ether at others, I have found myself melting into the world in front of me. The more translucent I become, the more the sensation of existence sharpens and the outline of life grows more distinct. I am coming to understand this fact just a little.

 In this world filled with such tangible things, a photograph has the power to let us touch an object’s very existence and feel everything that it is composed of.